Meet the Family


Tenielle Stoltenkamp

Tenielle was born in South Africa, raised on the Gold Coast, developed in Nashville, and currently lives between Sydney and Amsterdam. Her colourful background inspires her inclusive storytelling style; one that celebrates universal themes such as diversity, community and the importance of being your one-of-a-kind, self.

Tenielle’s passion for storytelling has lead to a career as a performer, scriptwriter, songwriter, children’s television producer, keynote speaker, brand strategist and consultant. She currently works in brand marketing for Uber Eats Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Go Suga

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Go migrated to Australia in 1990. His talent for drawing has been a lifelong passion with a mystical seamless blending of cultures.

Go’s work draws upon and reflects his personal views on a wide range of influences including surfing, social, political and cultural issues, blended with a rare beauty and mystique with the vibrant use of colour, shape and movement to create a truly unique and entrancing artwork.

Happily married with a young son, Go has found his place in the world, his Nirvana and his art has grown and become an essential part of his life.


Book design and layout

40/40 Creative is a multidisciplinary design and branding studio based in Australia, and is made up of graphic designers, visual artists, photographers and film makers who are focused on producing inspiring content and brand experiences.

Starting in 2013, they quickly became known for working with multi-national brands and on global campaigns, and in the last few years, have established themselves as an industry benchmark for brand identity, advertising, graphic design and public art curation.

The studio is headed by Agency Director, Nic Nichols (left) and Creative Director, Brandon Els (right) who both personally contributed to My family doesn’t look like your family.