Social Media Policy


Our aim is to foster a community where we celebrate our differences and connect over our similarities - and we know that social media is an important forum for bringing this community together.

We encourage our readers, followers and global family to share their stories with us via social media and to engage with others who do, for the purpose of inspiring all generations to celebrate and embrace the diverse world we live in today.

Our Social Media Policy is designed to ensure our social media channels are a safe place for all ages, races, orientations, religions, cat lovers, dog lovers, short(er) people, left handed people, toilet-paper-facing up kinda people - whoever you are - please remember that our world is a more colourful place when we demonstrate respect, empathy and integrity, and model this for future generations also.


The following guidelines apply to all of our social media and online communities.

We reserve the right to delete inappropriate activity and to ban or remove any followers who consistently demonstrate behaviours that disrespect or disobey these guidelines, as fast as is reasonable given all circumstances.

Family focussed

All material posted or shared on our social channels must be child-friendly.


We will not tolerate language or behaviour that is discriminatory, offensive or divisive. This includes language, comments, posts, or discussions that are derogatory to any race, sexual orientation, nationality or religion, or that may be interpreted as offensive, a personal attack, or harassment.


This is a space that celebrates and embraces differences, acknowledges the vast realities of families everywhere, and aims to celebrate belonging and uniqueness. Please respect the backgrounds, experiences and realities of others - including those that may not align with your own views - including sexual orientation, religion or race.


Please observe the policies of any and all social media channels when engaging with a My family doesn’t look like your family social media channel – including the rules of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


We will not post, share, tag or email images and content without express permission from the sender, poster or author.

Comments and posts made by members of our online communities are the views of those individuals only and do not reflect the views or opinions of the My family doesn’t look like your family author, publisher, illustrator or associated creators. The author, publisher, illustrator and associated creators claim no responsibility for any comments made by third parties in relation to posts on the My family doesn’t look like your family website or social media accounts.

While every effort is made to ensure that the content posted by us on our online and social channels is current and accurate, we accept no liability for the accuracy, completeness or currency of that information and disclaim all liability to any person in relation to, or, in the use of, the information or data.